Offer More Patient Payment Options and Reduce Bad Debt

Are you offering your consumers multiple payment options so they can pay their medical bills on time? 

The rise of copays and deductibles in the past 24 months has caused consumers nationwide to struggle to pay their medical bills. The emergence of the delta variant and the additional stress on the economy is only making on-time healthcare payments harder to make for the average consumer. 

How are you making it easier for your patients to pay their bills and make sure your provider organization is getting paid?  

HealthPay24 offers affordability features like payment plans to help patients and consumers pay their medical bills on a schedule that works for them. Our selection of payment features ensures provider organizations can accept payments or notify patients when payments are due on any device, anywhere!

  • Payment Plans – All HealthPay24 provider organizations can offer consumers the ability to pay their medical bill through a scheduled payment plan. Scheduled directly in the patient portal, consumers can elect the monthly amount of the payment and the length of the plan based on the guidelines that have been set up in advance by the provider organization.  Plans can also be set-up, managed, and updated as needed by the provider organization within the provider portal. 
  • Non-Recourse Loans – Consumers today prefer to open a line of credit at a low interest rate rather than defaulting to bad debt. HealthPay24 has partnered with Curae to provide patients with another payment option for their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Available in all HealthPay24 payment portals, patients can choose to elect patient-friendly loans for longer term payment needs. The non-recourse loan option funds the provider the transaction amount within 48-hours without any provider liability for default.  
  • Discounts – HealthPay24 gives provider organizations the ability to offer discounts to their patients and consumers directly through the provider portal. Providers can offer discounts to patients based on variables like location, date, holiday, or season. 
  • Financial Assistance Screening – HealthPay24 offers a simple screening page that drives presumptively qualified patients (based on Federal Poverty Level guidelines) to a work queue managed by your patient advocates. Within one solution, you can separate those who have an ability to pay from those who qualify for assistance.   
  •  Flexible Payment Options – Offer your patients and consumers payment options to easily pay in a format that best suits their needs to secure your chances of getting paid on time. HealthPay24 offers provider organizations the ability to take payments in-person, online, over the phone, via text, and through apps like GooglePay, Venmo, or PayPal.  
  • Digital Communications – Communicating important billing information to your patients through channels they are most likely to see are critical to provider organizations getting paid on time. HealthPay24 gives healthcare providers the ability to send notifications for payment due dates, balances, and past due notices directly to a consumer’s phone number or email address for a quicker response.  

The above affordability features are available for all healthcare provider organizations looking to offer patients and consumers flexible payment options and ensure you’re getting paid on time, every time.

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