Facilitate best practices in patient financial engagement.

HealthPay24’s Patient Financial Counseling program helps organizations engage patients to uncover solutions to their financial responsibility. 

Determine patient propensity to pay, communicate available loan programs, initiate discounts, and other financial resources that are accessible to the patient.  

Patient Engagement

Financial Counseling

Embed your organization’s discount program throughout your entire patient payment platform. Either online or onsite, patients can utilize discounts on outstanding balances based on criteria and rules put in place by the organization.

Flexible Payment Plans

Payment plans take work and processes off the staff and empowers patients with self-serve capabilities. Enable your patients to consolidate all outstanding balances across all healthcare enterprise locations.

Non-Recourse Loans

Patients are used to loan services as a possible answer to financial burdens relating to their health care. HealthPay24 partners with CURAE to offer non-recourse loans to patients in need of financial assistance.

What to Expect

Alleviated Patient Financial Burden
Higher Patient Satisfaction Rates
Significantly Reduce Bad Debt

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