Protect Your Payments Environment  

Your business depends on taking payments over the phone, but your consumers’ sensitive data could be at risk from theft and fraud,  both externally and internally. As data breaches are becoming more sophisticated, frequent, and expensive (average costs currently estimated at $8.19 million1), and the risk of reputational damage is at an all-time high. 

Semafone’s Cardprotect Voice+ solution completely removes payment card data from contact center infrastructures using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) masking, sending it directly to the Payment Service Provider (PSP), taking your infrastructure out of scope for PCI DSS compliance.

How It Works

While paying over the phone, the consumer enters their card numbers into their telephone keypad. Semafone’s patented payment method masks them from identification by sight and sound, protecting consumers, and companies against fraud and enabling PCI DSS compliance. The consumer and the agent always remain in full voice communication.  

  • Seamless Integration – Cardprotect Voice+ integrates seamlessly with your existing contact center technology and can be deployed  
    swiftly with minimum disruption to your business. You don’t need to upgrade or change your CRM or call recording technology.  
  • Flexibility – Available on-premises or in the cloud. Our solutions give you additional flexibility so you can easily add or remove agents  
    according to seasonality. You can even include your home workers or third-party contact center sites on demand.  
  • Call Recording? No Problem! – Many industry sectors, including federal government and financial services, require you to keep a  
    full recording of phone conversations with consumers. Yet, PCI DSS regulations strictly prohibit the recording and storing of sensitive  
    authentication data such as three or four-digit security codes – CID, CVC2, CVV2 or CAV2. With Cardprotect Voice+ there is no risk of  
    sensitive card data being captured on the call recordings, as it has been entirely masked. This means that partial solutions such as pause-and-resume can become a thing of the past. 

Ever-Evolving to Protect Against New Threats

Cardprotect Voice+ is constantly evolving, with added functionality to protect you against new threats and help you ensure compliance with industry regulations, thereby enabling you to provide the best possible service to consumers.  

  • Take your entire network out of scope of PCI DSS  
  • Reduce average handling times  
  • Analyze data to improve operations  
  • Protect your organization’s reputation  
  • Provide outstanding customer service  
  • Cloud solutions making deployment even easier  

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 1 The Ponemon Institute – 2019 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview