As if being hospitalized isn’t bad enough, dealing with multiple and confusing bills adds to an already unpleasant experience. In 2017, patients experienced an 11% increase in their average out-of-pocket costs, leading to an increase in patients’ disdain for the healthcare industry as a whole.

Not only is this frustrating for patients; it’s also frustrating for the employees, physicians, and CFOs who work to ensure patients receive the care they need. Over 50% of CFOs want access to simpler reports and better billing dashboards, with nearly 2/3 of CFOs struggling to pull the data they need from multiple dashboards and resources.

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At HealthPay24, we do things differently. We work to increase POS collections, streamline patient pay rates, improve your digital payment archives and encourage patient self-service – all while integrating with your current EMR system. Our goal is to improve your patients’ experiences through simplicity, mobility, and accessibility.

Penn State Health

November 2017


We want to see your hospital run smoothly – take Penn State Health, for example. Their standard bolt-on billing system was inefficient and the staff lacked the confidence required to run a busy hospital interface. Through HealthPay24, PSH’s online payment revenues took a dramatic turn for the best and created a streamlined, easily-accessible method to increase POS collections. What can we do for your hospital?

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