Implement an automated tracking system that keeps patients’ valuables safe and secure, while eliminating unnecessary costs for your organization.

What to Expect

Eliminate risk with HealthPay24’s Valuables Management feature

  • Direct hospital staff’s attention to more value-added activities
  • Efficiently track patient’s valuables while in your care
  • Reduce patient anxiety while increasing satisfaction and trust
  • Mitigate the risk of lost items and the financial impact that it can bring

Valuables Management in Action

Start benefitting from our valuables management feature immediately with fast and seamless implementation.

Within a few clicks, the valuables bag associated with your patient is securely accounted for, tracked, and ready for safekeeping until discharge. A claim receipt is generated and can be printed for the patient or family member to present at discharge.

Once your patient is discharged, staff can ensure the correct valuables are released by comparing them to the claim receipt presented. A final receipt can be printed with space for signatures, completing the transfer of liability.

If bags have not been claimed within 90 days, notifications will be sent to permissioned users to ensure valuables can be handed off to more appropriate authorities in a timely fashion.

Reporting is available to see bag status at any point in the process, reducing potential risk and expenditures that your organization could incur.

Reduce risk and expenditures associated with lost patient belongings

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