Learn how other forward-thinking healthcare organizations have benefited from HealthPay24’s Healthcare payments platform.

Bingham Memorial Hospital

Award-winning healthcare provider implements HealthPay24 to pivot their patient financial engagement strategy and:

  • Increase Monthly Card Revenue
  • Collect copays and outstanding balances in a single view at POS
  • Manage non-patient accounts receivables to save employee time
  • Integrate Paragon without a lot of manual touches

OSS Health

Orthopedic Group integrates HealthPay24® to consolidate billing systems, increase patient satisfaction, and free-up internal resources:

  • How disjointed billing systems can create confusion for patients and unnecessary manual work for healthcare staff 
  • The power of interoperability and how it drives workflows, behaviors, and patient engagement outcomes 
  • How HealthPay24’s patient payment solution positively impacted OSS Health’s bottom line 

Hunt Regional Healthcare

Large hospital integrates HealthPay24® into its existing EMR and its patient estimation tool, PayNav, to:

  • Capture More Patient Revenue on Front End
  • Reduce Costs of Collections on Back End
  • Streamline POS Collections via Online Payments, Payment Plans, and Prior Balance Collections

Penn State Health

Leading research and teaching hospital leverages experts at HealthPay24 to increase patient levels of service, reduce the costs of collections at POS, and to introduce online payment platform.