A patient’s experience is influenced by a series of touchpoints, from the moment an appointment is made, to the time a bill is received. If any of these touchpoints becomes confusing or cumbersome, patients are quick to grow frustrated and will even turn to another provider who offers a more seamless experience.  On top of that, manual workflows for healthcare staff can easily lead to a steady increase in the cost per transaction for your health system. Having experienced these obstacles for long enough, OSS Health turned to HealthPay24’s patient financial engagement solution. 

From this free eBook, you’ll learn more about: 

  • How disjointed billing systems can create confusion for patients and unnecessary manual work for your staff 
  • The power of interoperability and how it drives workflows, behaviors, and patient engagement outcomes 
  • How HealthPay24’s Healthcare Financial Engagement solution positively impacted OSS Health’s bottom line