The Importance of Tracking Patient Valuables
The HealthPay24 Team

The patient journey can be unplanned and unpredictable as they travel from the ambulance to the emergency room, recovery, and anywhere else in-between. Having a system in place for securing and tracking patient valuables along the way is important. Failure to do so can result in thousands in lost revenue and hundreds of hours wasted on human resources. Not only that, but patient dissatisfaction and lack of trust can significantly hinder retention and loyalty.  

valuables management system can be utilized to effectively track a patient’s personal effects once they are removed prior to treatment or examination. This includes valuables such as wallets, keys, cell phones, jewelry, glasses, dentures, hearing aids, medications, and other personal items. These can be tracked digitally and sync with patient records, so patients can feel confident that their belongings are safe and secure.    

Reduce Risk and Expenditures Associated with Lost Patient Belongings 

Hospitals can easily spend an excessive amount of money each year for the mitigation of lost patient valuables and belongings. Conservatively speaking, this could be to the tune of at least 6-figures annually. Without a proper tracking system in place, patients run the risk of losing items with significant monetary and sentimental value. Hospitals are also at risk of losing big. Aside from paying for damages, hospitals face the financial impact directly associated with patient dissatisfaction.    

Reaping the Benefits 

By implementing an automated system to track patient valuables, your organization can quickly eliminate a number of unnecessary risks and costs. 

  1. Reduce patient anxiety while increasing satisfaction and trust  
  1. Increase security and chain of custody auditability 
  1. Direct hospital staff’s attention to more value-added activities 

How it Works 

HealthPay24’s Valuables Management feature can be implemented swiftly and seamlessly into your current workflows. It augments your staff’s capabilities by integrating the physical and digital worlds.  

Within a few clicks, the valuables bag(s) associated with your patient is securely accounted for, tracked, and ready for safekeeping until discharge. A detailed claim receipt is generated and can be printed for the patient or family member to present at discharge.   

Once your patient is discharged, staff can ensure the correct valuables are released by comparing them to the claim receipt presented. A final receipt can be printed with space for signatures completing the transfer of liability. If bags have not been claimed within 90 days, notifications will be sent to permissioned users to ensure valuables can be handed off to more appropriate authorities in a timely fashion.   

Reporting is available to see bag status at any point in the process. 

Start Tracking Your Patients’ Valuables with HealthPay24 Today 

HealthPay24’s Valuables Management feature provides your organization with what you need to save time, money, and undue stress. If you’re interested in learning more about this solution or would like to request a free trial, get in touch with us today