Explore. Experience. Share: Meet HealthPay24’s IT and Cybersecurity Professionals
The HealthPay24 Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has forged massive shifts in healthcare as we know it. Not to mention, cyber-attacks on valuable health data continue to rise, causing healthcare IT and cyber professionals everywhere to double down on all compliance and security measures to keep valuable patient data safe and out of the wrong hands. 

That’s why, during Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, we want to give a special shout-out to HealthPay24’s dedicated IT professionals. Learn more about our team and how they keep HealthPay24 at the gold standard in healthcare payment security and compliance below. 

Vice President of Technology – Brian Evans

HealthPay24's VP of Technology

HealthPay24’s VP of Technology, Brian Evans, ensures that internal and external customers have the technology to securely perform their work, remove barriers to success, and enable our ability to produce an industry-leading product. 

Brian chose a career in IT because he has a passion for technology and how it’s used. He says, “the ability to help businesses learn and securely use technology to solve real problems has always been very satisfying and energizing.” 

Since change is constant in the technology and security world, Brian says, “Learning to embrace change with a critical eye helps you not only process it in a positive light but also help you think clearly through the change and avoid security pitfalls.”

Infrastructure Manager – Craig Brenneman

HealthPay24’s Infrastructure Manager Craig BrennemanHealthPay24’s Infrastructure Manager, Craig Brenneman, designs and implements infrastructures and systems in a way that meets and exceeds today’s security standards. 

Craig has been in IT for over 20 years. This longevity is attributed to the fact that he enjoys learning new technologies and figuring out how all the pieces go together to work as a complete and secure solution for HealthPay24’s clients. 

“Security often starts with good design and planning,” Craig says, but points out that this “can only be complete with a great team of people who have their clients and consumers in their best interests, and that’s who we are at HealthPay24.” 

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Security and Compliance Manager – Jason Latchford

HealthPay24’s Security and Compliance Manager Jason LatchfordJason Latchford serves as HealthPay24’s Security and Compliance Manager. In this role, Jason ensures the protection and data compliance of HealthPay24 and its clients.  

Jason thrives in IT and Cybersecurity because “technology is ever-changing, fascinating, and computers are literally used everywhere. IT and IT security will be part of life for the foreseeable future.” 

The biggest takeaway Jason leaves us with is “when dealing with the security of data, always ask yourself, what if it was your data? You’d want to make sure whatever system houses that sensitive data is secure as possible.” 

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System Administrator – Matt Anspach

HealthPay24's System Administrator

As HealthPay24’s System Administrator, Matt Anspach works diligently to keep the company safe and secure by routinely updating and upgrading its systems. 

Matt has always had an interest in computers, how they work, and what can be done with them, which is how he wound up in IT. He has taken a particular interest in cybersecurity for similar reasons – he’s interested in how a malicious actor thinks, the techniques they use, and how he can stop them. 

Matt’s biggest piece of advice is to “Think before you click!” He says it’s imperative to verify that the email you received is really from the person it says it’s from. Additionally, if there’s an attachment included in the email, consider whether or not you were expecting it. As an IT professional, Matt is more than happy to investigate if something is valid. 

At HealthPay24, we take security very seriously. We know healthcare organizations do too. Learn more about our commitment to delivering superior payment security to our healthcare clients.