Offer Your Healthcare Employees a Simpler Way to Pay for Medical Care
The HealthPay24 Team

Do you offer medical care to your employees and staff, but find it difficult to collect copays and deductibles afterwards? In many cases, healthcare facilities are forced to send internal unpaid invoices to collections. 

However, with a $25 collections fee on a $75 copay, this just doesn’t make sense! 

Now you can offer your employees a simpler way to pay for medical care that’s mutually beneficial to them and your healthcare practice. 

A Streamlined Employee Benefit 

Something unique happens when your own employees become healthcare patients. The dynamic of the relationship shifts in that moment. Your employee now owes you a copay or a deductible payment for a service you provide them. In turn, they inherit some of the same frustrations patients have when it comes to paying for medical care.  

They want streamlined options to pay. They want a retail-like experience. When those options aren’t available, your employee suddenly joins all your other patients struggling with these same challenges. And now they too have outstanding bills that face collections.  

The good news is HealthPay24 just released Employee Easy Pay – a feature that offers any hospital or healthcare provider the opportunity for their staff to pay for medical care directly through payroll deduction.  

Benefitting Healthcare Providers 

By using your existing payment devices, or devices provided by HealthPay24, your employees can use their badges or ID numbers to pay for medical bills. This seamless payment option can be used during pre-service or point-of-service, offering your employees that easy, consumer-focused payment experience they expect.  

Providers will realize lower costs by reducing the number of unpaid invoices that are sent to collections. 

How It Works 

This payment option will appear in your cart, the same way other payment options do. After selecting this option, simply ask your employee to tap their badge against the device. If for some reason, they don’t have their badge with them, but they know their employee ID, this can also be used to complete the transaction. 

We seamlessly support the type of device you already have in place to swipe badges. Think of this as the same cashless experience your employees already enjoy in the cafeteria, but for healthcare. It is truly a win-win solution! 

Additional Benefits Include: 

  • Current devices and badges can be repurposed 
  • Quick implementation for current HealthPay24 users 
  • Reduced provider costs 
  • Simplified payments on the back end 
  • Fewer invoices sent to collections 
  • Reduced open A/R days 

Expect More Out of Your Healthcare Payment Platform 

HealthPay24 is the only patient payment platform on the market that is offering this cutting-edge feature. If you’re interested in learning more about Employee Easy Pay and how you can start benefitting, get in touch with one of our representatives today!